How old should you be to start have singing lessons?

The ideal age to start singing lessons is an age where a student can focus and concentrate on the important aspects of singing. Equally I have been astounded by the talent of many 5 and 6 year olds in the past – So please keep up the encouragement if they love...

Am I too old to become a better singer?

We are never too old to learn. Obviously, muscularity has a major part of vocal training and so as a potentially new student to singing lessons, I would say no older than aged 65 (obviously that also depends on your general health).

Am I too old to learn to sing?

I sincerely doubt that – You’re never too old to sing! I have taught students of all ages and from complete beginner to accomplished professionals. Regardless of age – singing is there to be enjoyed.

What ages are appropriate to start voice lessons?

In my opinion, the ideal age for someone to start professional voice lessons is ideally from the age of 16/17. It varies from instructor to instructor, but some are willing to begin lessons teaching voice health and basic music fundamentals, like solfege syllables and...