“ If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing. ” – J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)


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Jonathan has worked with many West End Musicals and the of their leads. Below are some of the testimonials rating the Vocal Coach Services of Jonathan Leese. Jonathan is known as “The Voice Coach” because he brings out the best for all performers whether it be on musical theatre stage, singing opera, belting out a pop tune or tuning the chest voice for female classical singers.

The Voice Coach testimonials below display the skills, capability and passion Jonathan has for all of his singing students. These testimonials for The Voice Coach display the skills and passion that Jonathan has for singing and music.

As a singing teacher, the testimonials below from his past singing students show just how great Jonathan is at his profession. Jonathan is one of the UK’s leading Vocal Coaches and these Testimonials show that!

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The Voice Coach Testimonial - Georgia Pennie

Georgia Pennie

“If it wasn’t for Jonathan, I simply wouldn’t have half the singing voice I do today. With his honesty, encouragement, belief and technical training, I had the confidence and skill to pursue my current career in musical theatre.”

Jonathan Leese Testimonials cont’d

Cora Vanaman

“Jonathan is such an amazing teacher. He has so much knowledge and has helped me develop my singing so much. I discovered new ranges in my voice and learnt to sing things I never knew I could. I would highly recommend him, thank you Jonathan!”

The Voice Coach Testimonial - Cora Vanaman
The Voice Coach Testimonial - Shaun Paul Smith

Shaun Paul Smith

“Not being a natural singer, Jonathan managed to bring out the best of my capabilities. I believe it was purely down to his techniques and work ethic that I was able to work within the musical theatre industry.”

Jonathan Leese Testimonials cont’d

Victoria McCabe

“I was lucky enough to meet Jonathan in my first two years of training at London Studio Centre. Prior to this I had no experience singing and very little confidence in this field. Jonathan created such an encouraging environment for all of us to explore and grow our skill set and catered brilliantly for all abilities, getting the absolute best out of everyone. Jonathan’s excellent, positive and inspiring approach to teaching gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pursue a singing career beyond my training. I will forever be grateful for his wisdom, guidance and giggles along the way! Thanks, so much Jonathan!”

The Voice Coach Testimonial - Victoria McCabe
The Voice Coach Testimonial - Aisha Numah

Aisha Numah

“What I always appreciated most about Jonathan’s lessons; was the level of technical detail he was able to go into to help me understand my own voice. He is extremely knowledgeable about his craft, and I found it invaluable to learn how my larynx works, so that I could apply this to my own singing practise. He is full of excellent tricks and exercises for getting the most out of people’s voices; I witnessed on multiple occasions his incredible knack of moulding someone’s voice into something they didn’t even know they had in them! Thank you, Jonathan.”

Jamie Munro Weston

“Jonathan helped me so much with my confidence in singing over the three years he taught me. He really took his time to make sure I understood all the technique and built my knowledge of singing. I now feel I have the confidence to sing to a good standard.”

Jonathan Leese Testimonials cont’d

The Voice Coach Testimonial - Jamie Werston
The Voice Coach Testimonial - Hannah Bennett

Hannah Bennett

“Jonathan has played a huge part in my professional career. He equipped me with the necessary tools to becoming a confident, technical and knowledgeable singer. Learning about the anatomy of the voice helped me to understand my instrument so that I could practice singing in a safe way and change vocal qualities to suit different repertoire. This enabled me to sing styles such as Contemporary Musical theatre, Legit, and Pop making me a more versatile performer. He is also a fantastic musician and created incredible arrangements for college performances. I have put his expertise into practice within both my professional performing career and within my teaching. I am forever grateful for what he has helped me to achieve!”

Kate Bassett

“My lessons with Jonathan were career changing. He unlocked potential I didn’t know I had and allowed my voice to do so much more. This has allowed me to be versatile and employable throughout my career. Lessons with him are challenging and inspiring both technically and artistically, he knows how to get the best from his students. 

The great thing about Jonathan is his duty of care to all of his students. He is a great support, and I have always been able to reach out to him for much needed advice throughout my career. There have been video calls and messages from long tours, where I have always felt his support, and that is where he goes above and beyond as a coach – It doesn’t end when the singing lesson is finished.”

The Voice Coach Testimonial - Kate Bassett
The Voice Coach Testimonial - Paige Langley-Shaw

Paige Langley-Shaw

“Jonathan taught me to sing for 3 years, whilst training professionally at London Studio Centre. We first met at my audition – which was my first ever time singing. It was from this day that he took me under his wing and provided me with in-depth technical singing knowledge,  performance skills, audition experience and total confidence and joy to sing. Jonathan’s passion and love for his students has always held a special place in my heart and I cannot thank him enough for believing in me and others. I went from having zero singing experience, to singing solo on stage at New Wimbledon Theatre within the space of a year – all thanks to Jonathan. His passion, determination (and excellent accompanist skills on the piano) is wonderful, and I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you for everything!”

Lucyelle Cliffe

I loved my lessons with Jonathan!
Along with his vast knowledge of technique and repertoire thanks to his encouragement he got the best out of my voice and I always felt incredibly relaxed & confident at every session.
Jonathan Leese Testimonials - Lucyelle Cliffe

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