Singing Lessons Questions & Answers

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Bookings, Payments & Cancellations

Yes, I sell Music Lesson Gift Certificates which can be created to your requirements. Each Gift Certificate has a 12-month expiry.

Absolutely Yes! Blocks of lessons are the most effective way to learn.

I want all my students to make leaps and bounds, and a block of lessons provides me the opportunity to teach and then evaluate you after each home practice session. Block lessons provide real results – because the student dedication is there!

Everybody learns differently and these lessons are about you and your performance. Blocked lessons allow me to ‘extract’ the best from you.

I accept the following payments for lessons:

  • Bank Transfer (in advance of lesson)
  • SumUp (in advance of lesson)
  • Cash (in person on the day) * Sorry not available to new students

* Please note: Block bookings can only be paid for via internet banking.

** All lessons booked, must be paid for in advance at least 4 days before the lesson date to confirm the booking.

You can contact me (Jonathan)by either calling 07889 989600, or email me  I can then find out when you would like lessons and discuss availability.

I prefer students to contact me first before completing any online payment, to ensure we both understand what is expected from a lesson or lessons.

My ‘in-person’ private one-on- one lessons are £40 per 30-minute lesson or £70 per hour.

For further details on block bookings, please email me directly.

The lessons cost £70 per hour (a crazily competitive pricing for a leading teacher in a costly city).

Please contact me for further details on block bookings.

I operate a strict 72-hour cancellation policy! Cancel 72 hours before your lesson and you won’t be charged. Cancel between 72 and 48 hours before your lesson and half the lesson price will be charged. Cancel less than 48 hours before your lesson and the full lesson price will be charged.

Unfortunately, my teaching time is limited, and there will be no exceptions. If I have to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you will not be charged and there will be a reasonable amount of notice given to any students affected.

Please see my Online Bookings page for more details, lesson rates and block bookings.

Coaching Style & Genres

In short – Yes! I have a classical and operatic background myself, and teach each student in line with their end goals. During my lessons I teach vocal technique, providing you the vocal coordination you need, enabling you to sing any style you wish.

I teach each of my students to extract the best from their voice – regardless of music genre. My vocal coaching enables you to sing any style of music you choose.

I believe that each student has their own unique style and personality as a singer and I prefer to identify what is needed for each individual and teach accordingly. My teaching method applies many of the leading frameworks and if required I can teach the Estill Model.

Lesson Format

Before we get to any singing, we will do some vocal exercises to ensure your voice is in a healthy condition and ready to be exercised.

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A notebook, recording device and commitment.

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Not at all. But perhaps there’s a song you want to sing, a tune you want to learn to play. Bring along the relevant music if that’s the case. Bring your instrument too, unless it’s a piano.

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You can choose what you want to learn. I can choose what I believe is best for you. Typically, the happy medium will be somewhere in between.

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In your first lesson we will get to know you and find out what you have done in the past with singing (don’t worry if that is nothing as yet), what you are doing at present, and what you would like to get out of singing lessons. It is important that we know your goals and how you feel about your voice.

We will then assess your voice with specific exercises and give you a regime to develop your voice long-term to improve Range, Stamina, Strength and also most importantly – to keep your voice healthy.

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Adult lessons are normally just under one hour. Children’s lessons will be shorter 30 or 40 minutes depending on age. Parents are welcome (and encouraged) to sit in on lessons.

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Lessons can be recorded on any suitable device.  Lessons can be videoed for your use. For more details please contact me.

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I normally start with vocal exercises that help each pupil’s singing voice to work effectively. The latter part of the lesson will include singing repertoire, which I accompany on the piano.

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If a duet or some ensemble require coaching this can be arranged.

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In your first lesson, we will have a discussion about your goals and aims and then I will conduct an assessment of your voice. We will tailor your lesson to what we hear during the assessment and explain more about technique as the lesson progresses.

In subsequent lessons, we will continue building upon the foundations we laid in the previous lessons and iron out any problems you may currently be experiencing. We will also hear the songs that you have been working on, and give you tools to fix anything you may be struggling with.

Your lessons will be recorded, so you can listen to them afterwards and continue to practice – with the knowledge that you are singing the same as you did in your lesson.

It is usually a good idea to have some water on hand for your lesson, as well as any songs you are working on, or want to work on.

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Absolutely, Yes – I recommend that you do.

Most smartphones today have a record or voice-memo function, or you could video record the session. Equally you could purchase a portable digital recorder for less than £100. In my opinion, the quality on smartphones is generally good enough for you to hear the progression in your voice.

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Yes, especially if it is in the correct key for your vocal range.

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I would prefer that you do not. I would rather assess your vocal range and ability and then select a song according to how we want to develop you and your voice.

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Online Coaching

No! The service quality is insufficient for lessons.

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I am a London based vocal coach and singing teacher. My home studio is in Chingford, East London, and in London, at Jaques Samuel Pianos, 142 Edgware Rd, London W2 2DZ.

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