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People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has its song.

– Michael Jackson

Jonathan is a singing teacher with 30 years’ experience of all music genre including pop, classical, jazz and opera. By setting realistic goals and using The Estill Model, singing students can see an improvement in just one singing session. Jonathan also acts as a vocal consultant to many West End theatre productions, as well as many of the individual performers. Jonathan is a specialist in contemporary voice training and as a répétiteur and vocal coach, Jonathan is considered to be an elite international voice professional. During the singing lessons, Jonathan will work with your airflow, how you use your intrinsic vocal muscles work, vocal fold adduction and the shaping of the vocal tract, so that you have the correct vocal posture for your singing.

Jonathan Leese Vocal Services

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Singing has many wonderful, incredible and emotional elements to offer to everybody. The art of singing requires discipline, dedication, time, passion and practice. The ability to communicate many emotions, through words and music together is empowering!

Jonathan Leese

Vocal Coaching /

Singing Lessons

It is generally considered that a singing teacher should focus on one area of expertise e.g. Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre or Pop. Jonathan has experience in all music genre, AND, he has the knowledge and technical ability to teach and coach each one.

Jonathan offers full technical and in-depth training for all voice qualities and music genres. His vocal coaching educates students on how to have full control over their instrument and vocal choices. He has a vast knowledge of repertoire, from Classical to Pop, and the technical information to allow each music genre to be performed to the highest standard and ability of each student.

Jonathan can assist you even if you only wish to have a coaching session for advice on vocal health, or even maybe requiring assistance in learning new repertoire; final preparations for an upcoming audition, or any technical elements needed to rectify an issue within a song.

If you need assistance with preparing a song for an audition, ensuring it’s the correct choice of song and in the correct key for your voice, the correct length and marked appropriately for the accompanist.

Jonathan will always be honest, but supportive, when a student’s passion for a particular song or piece of repertoire is too demanding for their present vocal ability. There is no gain, only pain when the voice is asked to do something it is not capable of! Jonathan Leese Vocal Services

In helping to address vocal health, Jonathan offers sessions for those who are experiencing vocal fatigue, hoarseness and any other vocal trauma. Jonathan will help to identify the cause and to execute some exercises to help assess the condition. It is recommended that you have 5 days of COMPLETE Vocal Rest before booking such a session. Jonathan Leese Vocal Services

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Entering the Music Industry

After having entered into, and worked in the music and arts industry for more than 30 years, I’m very aware of the realities of the industry behind the scenes. The lifestyle can be so challenging, and after seeing many artists and colleagues struggle or completely burn out, I wanted to help change things.

The road to success and achievement in the music industry is never a straight one. Many people feel that if they don’t achieve success in music by a certain age then it’s “too late” for them – Not At All!

By the time any artist/performer breaks into mainstream awareness, there is always a story to tell about how and when it all happened.

For example; Musical Theatre artists require one of the most diverse technical abilities, to address the many different styles of Musicals, from those of George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Rogers And Hammerstein, Rogers and Hart, Cole Porter, Irvin Berlin, to mention only a few – through to the modern composers, Cy Coleman, Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, Tom Kitt, C.M Schoenberg, Elton John and again, many more.

Preparing for these auditions is crucial to be successful – due to the amount of auditionees. Ensuring you have the correct choice of song for your vocal ability; that it is in the correct key and that it is the correct length is paramount. The repertoire needs to demonstrate, and include, several important elements to cover vocal range and vocal qualities.

Jonathan can coach or advise on suitable repertoire for auditioning for professional shows, cruise lines and for entry into Performing Arts Institutes. Jonathan Leese Vocal Services

Jonathan Leese is a vocal coach and singing teacher who teaches music from all genres. Read more about the Vocal Services l offer, and my bio HERE. Contact Me. My ‘Home Studio’ is Chingford (East London) with Central London studio access available at Jaques Samuel Pianos. I have the option for ‘Online Remote Lessons’ whereby you can learn from your own home using ZOOM or Skype.

Public Speaking


If you are a frequent speaker such as a lecturer, teacher or corporate presenter, and you find your voice becomes fatigued or hoarse, I can offer technical information and exercises to assist you, and to manage this condition. If after a session, there is no improvement, I will recommend visiting one of the consultants I have listed on my associated professionals page.

With knowledge and an understanding of what is required to project your speaking voice (without causing vocal trauma), the better it will feel when it is time for you to deliver a speech; making it easier to talk for long periods of time, without your voice feeling strained or tired.

I can help you identify what is the best pitch for your speaking voice, or, what range you are most comfortable speaking in. When you are able to find that desired pitch and tone for a more natural sound that is unique to you, it will help you to feel more relaxed and be more likely to attract attention as you speak.

Expression is something that you will also be trained in; because nobody likes to listen to the same mundane sound over and over. It is important to create some colour in your voice, so that it catches your listeners attention and provides a rich sound.

I will also take the time to educate on using proper posture, especially for breathing. Think of your speech like a performance! Training to have good posture and work on breathing techniques, will aid you in feeling more relaxed and confident for your presentations.

Jonathan has worked as a voice teacher for actors and singing teacher for over 30 years. His varied and extensive experience includes working with classical singers, leads in West End musicals and television, and pop artists. Jonathan includes The Estill Model vocal training as a framework to his lessons as a way to set realistic goals for the students. Jonathan is a specialist in contemporary voice training and as a répétiteur and vocal coach, Jonathan is considered to be an elite international voice professional. During his lessons, Jonathan will work with airflow, the intrinsic vocal muscles, vocal fold adduction, shaping of the vocal tract and the articulators, in order to offer you the correct vocal posture for your singing.