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For Muscle Dysphonia (MTD), I recommend a consultation with Ed Blake. There are many other muscles involved in singing other than those within and around the larynx that need to be identified and manipulated.

Ed Blake



Ed completed a BSc in Physiotherapy in Perth Western Australia and an MSc in physiotherapy at University College London. He is Director and Head Clinician at Physio Ed Medical in London’s West End. The clinic specialises in performance medicine, specifically movement and voice related muscle problems.

Ed has pioneered physiotherapy treatments for vocal patients and has vast experience in the management of dance and performance related injuries. Ed’s approach involves the use of manual therapy to rebalance and reduce the load on the symptomatic area, resulting in immediate pain relief.

Patients from a variety of vocal backgrounds attend for laryngeal manual therapy, to resolve presenting muscle tension problems. Jonathan Leese Professional Associations

Ed regularly lectures on the academic circuit and has been published in multiple journals and prestigious medical texts and journals. His work is also regularly used as a lecture topic at various conferences and workshops.

The Voice Coach Professional Associations - Ed Blake
The Voice Coach Professional Associations - John Rubin

To identify the cause of Vocal Trauma, for Voice Disorders and Laryngeal Surgery, I recommend a consultation with Mr John Rubin.

Mr John Rubin MD FACS FRCS

Professor of Laryngologist


Mr John Rubin is a Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon at The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital; a part of The University College London Hospital NHS Trust.

Mr. Rubin’s particular interests lie in voice disorders and laryngeal surgery. Mr. Rubin has served in multiple capacities on many international editorial and scientific boards and committees. He has written extensively, including several books, numerous articles and chapters; and regularly lectures on voice-related topics. Jonathan Leese Professional Associations

Mr. Rubin co-chairs the Voice and Swallowing Unit at the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery with Dr Ruth Epstein.

For assistance with Speech Impediments and Voice Rehabilitation I recommend a consultation with Dr Ruth Epstein.

Dr Ruth Epstein

Consultant voice specialist


Dr Ruth Epstein is a consultant voice specialist, with a particular interest in professional voice users and neurolaryngology. Dr Epstein is currently the Head of the Speech & Language Therapy services at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital. She is also a founder member and lecturer for The British Performing Arts Medicine Trust, and ‘in-house’ clinician to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Guildhall School of Speech & Drama.

Dr Epstein has remained at the cutting edge of research and innovation in the effective diagnosis and treatment of voice for many years. She has earned a reputation of proven expertise, no-nonsense professionalism and quick effective results. She holds various Honorary fellowships and Senior Lecturer positions at UCL and other academic institutions in the UK, as well as creating and running a successful MSc course in Voice Pathology since 2003. Jonathan Leese Professional Associations

The Voice Coach Professional Associations - Ruth Epstein
The Voice Coach Professional Associations - Jacob Lieberman

For support and advice with Vocal Problems & Disorders I recommend a consultation with Jacob Lieberman.

Jacob Lieberman D.O.  M.A.

Registered Osteopath Psychotherapist Specialist, Management of Vocal Crisis.


Jacob Lieberman, MA, DO, is an internationally acclaimed expert on physical and psychological management of hyper function voice disorders.

As an Osteopath and a Psychotherapist, Jacob developed the Lieberman protocol for laryngeal examination and physical treatment; to release muscle tension and improve joint movements. Jacob is an associate of the Lewisham University Hospital Voice Clinic in London and the DEUTSCHE STIMMKLINIK in Hamburg, Germany.

Jacob has researched and co-authored many papers on postural aspects in voice disorders, and mechanical dysfunction of the larynx. Jonathan Leese Professional Associations

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